Frequently asked questions

 Trying to decide which time slot is right for you:

  • Morning charters typically begin with cooler temps and a mild to moderate breeze.  By the end of the sail, you can expect warmer temps and usually a very light breeze.  If you are new to boating or concerned about the conditions or afternoon temperatures, this is probably your best choice.
  • Afternoon trips typically begin with higher temps, particularly noticeable at the dock, but with a stronger breeze that makes it feel great once on the water.  If you are a sailor and looking for the best sailing conditions, this is probably your best choice.
  • Sunset trips typically combine the best parts of morning and afternoon trips.  They typically begin with lots of breeze and higher temps followed by calming conditions and lowering temps as the evening progresses.

What to Bring:​

  • Sunscreen (no spray on type please), Camera, Hat, Snacks, Beverages including alcohol are welcome.  Bottled water and ice are provided for you.


  • In the summer, the forecast almost always calls for a chance of rain.  It's UNLIKELY that this will affect your trip due to our proximity to the coast.
  • The Captain will contact you if weather is a concern.  We want you to enjoy your time aboard.

What to wear:

  • ​It's HOT in the summer.  Dress for it.  In the winter, dress in layers.  Feel free to bring additional layers aboard.  We have plenty of room to stow them.  
  • Please, no heels or marking soles.  You'll likely see the Captain in flip flops.​

Kids and age limits:

  • We've had ages from 2 months to 1068 months (that's 89 years old in case you were wondering) aboard.  All are welcome.  We board directly over the stern and it's one step up into the cockpit.  It's by far the easiest sailing charter to board in the area.


  • We've never had a seasick guest on one of our 3 hour charters.  


  • ​If you feel like you received above average service, it is customary to tip the Captain and crew.

What time do trips start:

  • ​Trips are adjusted for sunrise/sunset throughout  the year.  Our online booking calendar reflects these adjustments.

Who else will be on the boat:

  • This is a private charter.  Only your party will be aboard along with the Captain.

              Is the boat in the pictures the boat we will be on?  
  • Yes, and it HAS A TOILET!​​


  • If you must cancel or reschedule your trip, please notify us at least 7 days in advance.  ​Reservations made within 7 days of the trip cannot be canceled.​  Deposits for Special Excursions are non-refundable unless canceled by the Captain.
  • Your Captain reserves the right to alter, cancel, or reschedule your trip should the weather adversely affect the enjoyment or safety of your trip. Thankfully, this is extremely rare.

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