Holiday Parade of Boats


  1. Registration forms available at the marina office or click here to download one.
  2. All participating vessels should be on station upstream of the marina by 4:30pm!  Incoming tide this year.
  3. Decorate the port side of your vessel.
  4. Sunset is at 5:14.  High tide is at 9:10.
  5. All boats should monitor VHF channel 11 for instructions.  VHF ch11 will be used to stage the boats in order so that the MC and the judges know who is next.
  6. We will stage a single file, idle speed pass of Bohicket Marina.  
  7. We will then circle to starboard and pass the marina on the marsh side.  FOLLOW the leader.  Do not get out of line.
  8. If time and conditions allow, the leader will  bring the fleet by for a second pass.  Follow the leader!  Do not stop!
  9. If you can't follow the leader, you can't be voted on and you can't win!