Prearranged excursions

Monkeys, seriously

This is a two day, overnight trip to Beaufort, SC.  About 2 hours from Beaufort lies Morgan  Island.  It  is home to over 3,500 Rhesus monkeys.  The only way to see them is from a boat.  A  big boat is best  so you can see over the beach into the island.  However, sometimes the  monkeys are literally at the  edge of the water on the beach.  As summer progresses, it gets  hotter and the monkeys become  more and more nocturnal.  For this reason, we attempt to  arrive as close to dusk and dawn as  possible to view them during summer months.  Our  success rate spotting them is about 80%- odds  that we think are worth trying.  You may see  just one and you may see hundreds.  They literally  swing from the trees and yes, the make all  sorts of monkey sounds.  This trip is a full two days of  sailing with an overnight in downtown  Beaufort, SC.  You will be responsible for your own lodging in  Beaufort as the crew will remain on  the boat overnight.  The Beaufort Downtown Marina will be our  stop for the night.  Several  restaurants and hotels are within a short walk of the boat and we are  happy to help with  those arrangements.  This trip can be done offshore or in the calm waters of the  ICW.  Either  way, it's beautiful.  Up to 6 passengers.  $1850.00.  Please call to book.  843-779-5840 

Sail to Charleston

This is a two day (or more), overnight trip to Charleston Harbor. The trip is 6-8 hours each way.  It can be done offshore or via the calm waters of the intracoastal waterway or a combination of the two.  We will set sail from Bohicket Marina and tie up at the City Marina in downtown Charleston that evening.  The crew will leave the boat and it is your air conditioned floating hotel for the night.  You are certainly free to book a room in Charleston if you prefer.  Enjoy a night on the town and depart the next morning for the return trip to Bohicket.  This is the perfect romantic trip for a couple.  The boat has a nearly king sized berth in the private aft room and a nearly queen sized V-berth in the private bow room.  The salon area can sleep an additional 2-3 adults and is perfect for kids.  Besides the incredible views along the way, we can stop for a swim, troll for a fish, even tie up at a waterfront restaurant for a snack.  Cost is $1850.00  Up to 6 passengers.  Private charter.  Talk to us about adding a day or two while you are in Charleston if you like.  Please call 843-779-5840 to book. 

Our "Local Experience"

We are fortunate to live here and grow up here.  Want to do what we do for fun?  This is it.  We'll tow our dinghy along as we sail to a quiet beach only accessible by boat.  We will anchor and dinghy ashore where you can enjoy a walk on the beach, a swim, etc.  Your sailboat will be anchored just off the beach where you can swim, swing in a hammock, go for a paddle, enjoy a meal, listen to music and relax.  There's a warm fresh water shower aboard so don't be afraid to get salty!  This is a 5 hour trip, minimum.  Rates start at $590.00.  You may add additional hours @ $100 per.  Up to 6 passengers.  Please call 843-779-5840 to book.

Group larger than 6 people?
Try the "Local Experience" with two or 3 boats of more- sail or power.  Even combine some fishing.  Part of your group can stroll the beach or swim or sail while others are off catching fish.  We can combine this trip with local fishing guides to provide the best possible experience for everyone in your group.  Call us to discuss and book.  843-779-5840.